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Top 10 Sources of Fat That Makes You Healthier

Nutrition & Weight Loss Company | Eat HealthyToo much sugar and carbohydrates are the main cause of disease and health issues in today’s society. This is mainly because of the highly processed foods available which are so easily accessible and which have created a shift towards unhealthy diet and eating habits.
Another health issue we have is for years we have been told to eat low fat, no fat and the fat is bad for us. But with the research advances in our society today, it has now been discovered or should I say the truth is out, that not all fats aren’t the bad guys, some are actually very beneficial for the body and can also aid in weight loss and weight management .

Nutrition & Weight Loss Company | Rapid weight loss has better outcomes

Rapid weight loss has better outcomes

Nutrition & Weight Loss Company | Rapid weight loss has better outcomesLosing weight is a common problem encountered by people who are overweight and obese and there are lots of assumptions on how to effectively lose weight.

According to the Association for Study of Obesity, overweight women had high weight loss goals and dreams. Participants exerted more effort in order to attain the high self-imposed goal. Because of this, women who set a higher goal had more significant weight loss after 18 months.

Nutrition & Weight Loss Company | How to Lose Weight Safe and Fast

How to Lose Weight Safe and Fast

Nutrition & Weight Loss Company | How to Lose Weight Safe and FastAn upcoming event like graduation, a wedding or an engagement party in fact any formal celebration makes people want to lose weight and fast. There are many suggestions out there how to lose weight and in a short span of time. Some even suggest skipping meals or just drinking lemon water for 5 days or more. You are definitely going to lose weight, but this is harmful and not sustainable and will cause a rebound weight gain of even more fat.

Following our weight loss protocol you address the cause of weight gain, which is insulin resistance. We will address your need of weight loss and set achievable goals, but the difference with our protocol to others is will make you insulin sensitive which makes you in a constant fat-burning machine achieving the fast results that you are looking for.

Nutrition & Weight Loss Company | Knowledge is Power

Ever heard of the phrase “KNOWLEDGE IS POWER”?

Nutrition & Weight Loss Company | Knowledge is PowerWe understand that it’s not just about “losing weight”. It’s about achieving optimum health, living longer lives without physical pain, and the ability to maintain youth… (Fitting into that “little black dress” doesn’t hurt either!)

In fact, the program provided at Nutrition & Weight Loss Company suggests little to no exercise at all!! How easy is that to fit into our busy lives?

The focus is set on food intake which burns fat not muscle and coaching sessions. By educating you on food groups, correct portion sizes and the stabilisation of hormone levels, you are more likely to transform into a fat-burning machine without the struggle of finding the time and effort to exercise.

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Why Do Low Carb Diets Work

HypertensionObesity and other weight issues are one of society’s major concerns which have resulted in a multitude of different diet plans in the market place. Most of them would have people believe that proteins and fats are not good and tricking dieters to eat more carbs without educating them in understanding why too many carbohydrates/sugars are the crucial part of their weight issue. Dieting is not an easy task and even if you followed a so called “perfect” diet plan, you may still end up feeling unsatisfied and hungry because ultimately the cause of your weight gain is not being addressed.

Not all diet plan give you sweet and successful results. Sure you may lose kilos but eventually just end up putting them back on, and some. In the end people get frustrated because they wasted time following a diet that doesn’t work. An effective diet plan should work and bring out results regardless of the person’s body type and lifestyle.

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Hyperinsulinemia and Insulin Resistance: How Insulin Results To Weight Gain

Nutrition and Weight Loss Company | InsulinHyperinsulinemia is the medical term used for increased levels of insulin in the blood. This condition commonly occurs in people with metabolic syndrome like obesity, faulty lipid levels, and other associated factors. Insulin augments fat storage and enhances appetite that is why people with hyperinsulinemia are prone to weight gain and obesity.

Insulin is a hormone which plays an important role in carbohydrate and fat metabolism. People taking insulin noticed that they gained weight. Experts say that it is a common effect of insulin because glucose absorption is enhanced ― giving the cells more glucose than what is required. Since there is too much glucose in the cells, the unused amounts accumulate as body fat thus causing weight gain. In addition, the hormone stops fat breakdown and also promotes glucose uptake into fat tissues resulting to more weight gain.

Carbs Associated with Higher Diabetes and Heart Disease Risk Factor

Carbs Associated with Higher Diabetes and Heart Disease Risk Factor-Lowering saturated fat intake did not lower saturated fat blood levels but increasing carbs raised levels of palmitoleic acid, a fatty acid associated with disease…

The study included 16 participants, all of whom had metabolic syndrome, marked by at least three risk factors that increased their risk for heart disease or diabetes. All participants were fed the same diet, which was altered every three weeks for a total duration of 18 weeks as levels of carbohydrates were progressively increased and saturated fats were decreased. All started with a baseline “low-carb” diet, with the highest carb level reaching over 55% of the daily nutrient intake.

By the end of the trial, participants had lost an average 22 pounds, and experienced significant improvements in blood sugar, insulin levels, and blood pressure. Throughout the study, participants’ blood levels of total saturated fats remained relatively stable and even fell in some when the baseline fat consumption was doubled.

Beetroot Juice Lowers Blood Pressure in Hypertensives

Beetroot Juice Lowers Blood Pressure in Hypertensives

Beetroot Juice Lowers Blood Pressure in HypertensivesDietary nitrate in the form of daily beetroot juice significantly reduced elevated blood pressure compared with placebo in hypertensive patients over 4 weeks, a randomized phase 2 trial showed[1].

Dr Vikas Kapil (Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry, London, UK) and colleagues observed significant reductions in systolic and diastolic BP as measured in the clinic, at home, or by ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM) among patients who who drank 250 mL of the juice daily, for a nitrate dosage of approximately 6.4 mmol/day. The same amount of nitrate-depleted beetroot juice served as the placebo.

Improvements in endothelial function and a reduction in arterial stiffness were also observed in the dietary-nitrate group compared with no change in either parameter in placebo controls.

Obesity Tied to Brain Volume Loss

Obesity Tied to Brain Volume Loss

Obesity Tied to Brain Volume LossBeing overweight or obese is associated with poorer brain health in cognitively healthy adults in their 60s, according to new data from the long-running Australian PATH Through Life Study.

After adjustment for multiple factors, participants who were overweight or obese had smaller hippocampal volume at baseline and experienced greater hippocampal atrophy over 8 years than their normal-weight peers.

“The results further underscore the importance of reducing the rate of obesity through education, population health interventions, and policy,” Nicolas Cherbuin, PhD, from the Australian National University in Canberra, Australia, said in a statement.